Tantric Massage

Massage is a dance of energy, and a joint meditation through touch. In this workshop we will be learning to sensitively use touch and massage to expand and free energy over whole body. kiev tantric massage You may come as a couple and just work together or come with a partner and change regularly with others.. Practitioners can deepen their expertise in safely working with sexual energy.

This creates an altered state of consciousness sometimes called an erotic trance state which is a taste of bliss beyond time.

This training will;
Create healing and deepen intimacy.
Show practical methods to connect, heal and transform.
Give confidence with touch as a form of communication.
Integrate sexuality and genitals into the whole being.
Discover the ability to worship the sacredness of the body with your hands.

In this training you will learn :
To give and receive a whole body tantric massage,
Facilitate an erotic trance state
Centre yourself and use the massage as a meditation
Channel erotic energy to create states of bliss
Integrate sexual energy into an erotic experience
Practice basic yoni and lingam healing
Information on how trauma is held and released from the body
Support the receiver with whatever emerges.

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